Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day 11 - Solid Saturday

Hello again.

Had a great weekend for the first time in a while - well at least a start to the weekend. Woke up just fine, a little groggy, but it was the first time in a while where we did a lot as a family and then even left some time for mum and dad to enjoy themselves.

I hardly ever want to leave the house on the weekend - especially over the past few years. But, we all went to Target together (what's a weekend without a Target run, right?) and it was great. We came home, made some lunch together using leftovers of the breaded chicken I made the other night (homemade pasta night) and just relaxed while waiting to go to a birthday party. It was really fun. Even doing normal things like picking up the house was enjoyable - I really am seeing that I am getting closer to my old self.

The birthday party was fun - G didn't behave to well at the end and so we had some choice words, but again, I've been keeping calm throughout all of these encounters. Really really calm.

We came home and got ready for date night (yearly run to a fancy fancy place where we dress up and spend a bunch of $) - the babysitter arrived on time and we left - and totally just felt comfortable. Normally, I would feel anxious about all the plans we had to do that day (Target, Party, Sitter, Dinner), but i was totally relaxed, but still alert.

That is something I'd like to stress - while I keep saying I'm just isn't that that I don't care, and can't process; rather it is that I do it calmly. I still know everything we need to do, but it just doesn't make me as anxious. And, when I recognize that, it's even more relaxing. Basically, I don't fret over every single minute leading up to an event. It's awesome!

Dinner was delicious - came home, cuddled in bed and passed out. Solid Saturday.

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