Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 13 - More Insonia

What a restless night. Woke up again at 3am with restless legs and had to get up and walk around for a bit in order to calm it down. Did some flights of stairs even!

Managed to fall back asleep, but it wasn't good sleep and as a result my entire day felt like a fog. It was just challenging to wake up and then work didn't really help out either. A lot of stress with the projects and it was one of the first days where I felt like I wasn't taking anything - it as tough to combat the tiredness and stress at work. Add on the fact that I had to have a difficult review conversation with a direct report, it truly made the day one of the hardest since starting.

One new side effect I had today was cold sweats. They happened maybe 3 or 4 times today and I never really get "flushed" to the extent where i'm actually sweating. So, somewhat concerning, but still understandable and something I take in stride.

Regardless, I still managed to plow through the day, came home and unwound. I have been falling asleep early on the couch the past few days, but today, whilst yawning, I'm not eager to jump upstairs or fall asleep. Rather, I'm more interested and focused on writing here and making sure the day is captured.

I have a lot of anxiety around work lately, but have found that I haven't been letting it get to me. While today I felt like I wasn't on anything, I think that the exhaustion has more to do with that than anything else. So, my hope is that a good sleep tonight will solve that hurdle. Will be an early day tomorrow, but in the end, a half day and back home I will be to hopefully enjoy the start of the holidays.

We shall see - just really hoping to no restless legs tonight.

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