Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 7: Round 1

And I'm in a week.

Woke up better today - despite being woken up at 915pm on the couch the night before by our 4 year old looking for us; and then a further 3 times by the same 4 year old asking for us to find her stuffed animal friends.

So - definitely woke up sleep deprived. But, regardless - I didn't sleep well when was asleep. I was definitely thirsty most the night - maybe from the dinner - but dinner wasn't that salty.

I wasn't hungry at all all day - didn't eat a thing until coming home and making dinner for my daughter and I (wife was working late). I had a drink and made dinner and am feeling ok. I actually am getting a sensation of being awake right now - it's 845pm and normally i would be going up around 9pm to get ready for bed (we wake up at 5am every day), but i am not really sure i'm feeling that right now. I'm focused on getting this blog up and running so others can read.

I apologize that this isn't more structured - I'll work on that in the coming days so that we can truly track it. Should have done that from the start, but the whole issue i have didn't make me want to do it - seriously, i'm a data centric person and for me to haphazardly write without a structure or data is frustrating me. But, that's the whole point of this, right?? Get me back to being me??

Let's do this!

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