Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 6: A True First Test


House shakes.

Snow plow drove into our garage.

Queue the anger, the instant gutted feeling and depression avalanche.


Helped the guy hammer the garage back into place in order to be able to lift it up and get to work. Waited to hear back from the people - came home, they made it operational and they are going to replace the door.

Not too shabby. And relieving.

Work was fine. Had a rough meeting in the morning, but I am continuously amazed by the calm I am feeling. Normally I would have been high strung and freaking out, but instead, I was collected - and not in a bad way...I still cared, was still alert and wanted to make things better - I just was not filled of anxiety.

I did get a headache halfway through the morning, took some Advil and it went away quickly. It seems that this is a constant thing - a light ache during stressful times. I'll take that vs the anxiety I used to feel.

I'm starting to feel less of the immediate effects and am wondering if this is starting to settle more with my head. Still having bad bathroom visits, but that could be a result of the stouts i had on Sunday (tend to have the reaction).

Ate a decently huge meal - General Tso's chicken from Blue Apron. Phenomenal.

Back again - fell asleep on couch downstairs with the Mrs. now up to bed around 945.

Good night world.

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