Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 12 - Restless Legs

Today was an interesting day - I woke up sleepy, but my legs have been ridiculously restless in the mornings now and I had to get up and walk around. Got back to the old days and made pancakes for our daughter and ran some errands before meeting up with the family and friends for lunch. It felt great to be back in the rhythm of things.

We ended up eating too much at lunch and so all of us came home and just lazed around the house - a perfect Sunday afternoon if you ask me. It really felt great to just be calm and not anxious about anything. I didn't like the lack of energy, but I did like comfort of having the family around me and just being us - I hadn't felt that in quite some time. 

Nighttime was fine. I woke up again at 3am, which has been a consistent pattern (better than midnight), but again my legs were going crazy. Took me a while to get back to sleep. 

Apologies for the short day's entry, but in all reality, nothing much really happened - so no entry! A day of rest, if you will.

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