Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 8: Week 2 Begins

Last night I had a great time putting my daughter away alone and having a drink while waiting for my wife to return for a late night work event. We went to bed and I slept rather well, despite having a cat in-between us.

This morning, I felt really well - I wasn't exhausted and had no signs of nauseousness. On the drive to work, I consciously noticed that I am a different person. I used to be so angry at people going slow in the left lane - to the point where I would yell so loud in my own space. I think back and wonder "wtf was I doing?". Now, while it still annoys the heck out of me, I am calm. I don't shout, I don't fidget in my seat - I simply go around them like i used to do, beep my horn and get their attention, and keep on going. But, I do not get worked up anymore.

Sign number 2 this is working - this morning we got news that our shower replacement will cost $3,400. This is a 2-year old house which we built with Pulte and it's had its moments. 1) a fire happened across the street (Pulte was in construction) and our siding was ruined - insurance $1.6K. 2) a snow plow plows into our garage (they will pay, but this was at 4am in the morning and we need it fixed), 3) shower leaked - a $3.4K repair to have it replaced completely.


Yes, this morning, hearing that news wasn't ideal, but I remained calm; I thought logically through it rather than spiraling down a zillion paths (much like my wife did - which i completely, whole heartedly, understand). But, the fact that I was calm - it really emphasized that everything is better now - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

The rest of the day went well - meetings were held and I felt more aware and concentrated during them. We had obstacles thrown our way from the client and I remained calm and navigated through them when normally i would spiral (yep, thats what i do) again and give up. Instead, I gave direction and felt good about where we ended.

In the end, I definitely am feeling better in my mind after being on "the meds". I have had the side effects, but the headaches have passed. Diarrhea has been present now for two days, however I think my "single parent dinner" last night of homemade nachos with mozzarella cheese which smelled a bit off may be the cause! :-P  Yes, you will get to know me through this journey - I am a foodie snob, but when it comes to it, nothing beats nachos! haha!

Tonight - feeling awake again - the same insomnia I felt the first few days...I'm tired, but not feeling exhausted like I used to.

Looking forward to a good sleep tonight. Normal dinner and drinks tonight. Took my BP and I was at 136/87 - which is a relief after being at the dr with 147/100 when prescribed Prozac.

Signing off everyone - meals today were nachos for lunch and pasta with tomato sauce for dinner. I forgot to mention that I have noticed a reduction in appetite lately (not complaining - i could use it for sure!).

Good night!

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