Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 5: Rock Bottom

Wow. Not a good day. Nauseous non-stop in the morning and some bad bathroom visits again. Last night we had friends over and I drank maybe a bit more than I have over the past two weeks, but I never feel like this. 

Was intimate last night - but despite best efforts - I couldn't go. Again - never happens and so I was really annoyed and frustrated. It feels so weird! THIS ISN'T ME. But, I woke up so annoyed and determined that despite all the nauseousness, I managed to go and feel better.

I slept from maybe 11pm to latest 4am, and then another 2hrs until 6am - but I was sleepy the ENTIRE day.

I didn't do much at all in the morning. I had to work unfortunately, but fortunately could do that from the couch - so i watched soccer for 6 hours and worked from 7-1. My wife went to the store with our daughter to allow me to focus on work and by the time they came home, i started feeling better. I was able to do some chores around the house (hanging bookshelves) and was good to go. 

We had a good dinner, but went upstairs pretty soon after as we both were just spent. Not many other side effects today - just continuously feeling calm.

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