Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 3: Side Effects Commence

This is going to be a short post...and you'll understand why as you read...
Had bad night of insomnia – well not bad compared some other people I’m sure, but I was up after having "normal" drinks and dinner. Could not fall asleep. Stayed awake watching a show and ended around 10, and was still awake, so then I just laid in bed for another hour. I’ve never had troubles falling asleep before – this was a first. Slept straight through the night, didn’t wake up to drink water, didn’t wake up to pee – nothing. That NEVER happens. Now with that said, I woke up groggy as can be – I only got 6 hours. I did try to "go" this morning, but that didn’t happen – maybe the doctor was right about the whole side effect of ejaculation. Now still a bit groggy, but working away. Will see how this day goes. I’ll be back.
Back to having really bad bathroom visit after lunch. It was pure liquid. Read up online that this isn’t uncommon and someone who was on their Day 4 was commenting that this happened to them as well.

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