Saturday, December 24, 2016

Day 15 - Relapse

Well, didn't I just jinx myself. After going into work for the HR issue, I came home and forgot to take my medicine at the required time (730). It wasn't until 10 that I remembered and I thought - ok, this isn't bad, not like I'm feeling any different.

Well, that was to change.

Since taking the medicine, I've been extremely calm driving. Prior to that, I was an aggressive driver and would yell at people a lot (think i've mentioned this before). Well immediately after taking my medicine, i had to go to the store. I lost it. People driving slow and people leaving the carts in the middle of all the aisles at the store. I caught myself driving home going "damn, wtf is wrong with me?" I took a few deep breaths to try to calm down, and I did after unpacking and was relieved. I thought I would have lost all the effort from the last 2 weeks....

I will never be late again.

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